Lawton Self Storage


Our Services

Do you have climate-controlled units?
 We have both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units. See our 
Rates Page for a complete list of storage units.
What is the difference between climate controlled and non climate controlled units? 
Climate controlled units are kept at room temperature and low humidity year-round, and are recommended for items sensitive to temperature and humidity. Non-climate-controlled units vary in temperature and humidity along with the weather, but have lower rent.
How safe and secure is your storage facility? 
Our storage facility is in a very safe, low-crime country setting. The property is well lit and fenced, is protected by Secur-Tek security monitoring and cameras 24/7.
Do you store cars/boats/motorhomes? 
We have regular car-sized spaces, as well as larger space for motorhomes and boats. See our  Rates Page page for more information.
Is your vehicle storage area covered/indoors? 
Our vehicle storage area is an outdoor parking lot. We cannot store vehicles of any kind inside the storage building; including motorcycles, mowers, etc.
Do you sell boxes, rent trucks, pick up or deliver? 
We do not sell boxes or rent trucks or pick up and deliverat this time.
Do you allow renters to conduct business or bands to practice in your larger units?
​Lawton Storage limits use of all storage units for the purpose of storing goods only.

Rates & Payments

Can I see a copy of the lease before signing up?
Yes, the ​Contact Us link will lead you to our Storage Lease in PDF format 
What are your storage rates?
Our storage rates depend on the size of the storage unit, and whether or not it is climate controlled. A complete list of rates is available on our Storage Rates page.
What are the sign-up costs?
At lease signing, we require prorated rent for the first partial month plus the next full month rent, as well as a one-time non-refundable administration fee of $25. There is no security deposit or any other cost.
Do you require advance notice of my plans to move out?
As a courtesy we require two weeks' notice of vacating any storage unit.
Do you prorate first / last month's rent? 
Prorated first month's rent is due at lease signing. When you move out, if the storage unit is clean, unlocked and undamaged and rent is current, we will refund your final month's rent, prorated from the end of your two weeks' notice period to the end of the month.
When is rent due? 
Rent is due on the first of the month and past due by the 5th at which time a $15 late fee is added to rent due.

Other Information

Where are you located? 
Our address is 2616 Old Greensboro Road, Chapel Hill NC 27516. See our Map & Directions page for details. Although we have a Chapel Hill address, we are actually located in Orange County, about four miles west of Chapel Hill proper.
(Note that Old Greensboro Road is NOT the same as Carrboro's Greensboro Street.)
How far are you from UNC campus? 
We are 5 miles west of UNC campus.
Are you on or near the bus line?
Lawton Storage is not on a public  bus line.
What are your office hours? 
Our office hours are 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, Monday - Friday.     Saturday hours are 
by appointment.
When can I access my unit? 
Customers can access their storage spaces: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm Daily.
Do I need to make reservations? 
Reservations are not required. However, you are welcome to reserve an available space by sending us a check or money order which is equal to one month's rent. Since availability changes daily, please contact us by telephone or stop by during office hours to make sure the unit you want is still available, and so that we can hold it for you until we receive your deposit.